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What is your Biggest Fear?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Hi Gorgeous lady & Handsome man,

Do you finally want to turn your fears around from something negative to something positive and useful? Yes? Fabulous, I am happy to hear that. By applying my steps you will be able to get great results and turn it all around. Ready?

For this exercise you will need:

1. (quiet) alone time

2. A pen and paper

3. your brain🤣

4. Self-love🤗,

Okay Lets start!

Relax and take in a big deep breath, let your belly rise & slowly exhale, good job. Now do this 6 more times, focus on your breathing.

Take your pen and write everything down that comes up when you think about fear, what are you afraid of? Write it all down even if it makes no sense at all right now, keep writing. Play, have fun with it, love yourself through it. Use your fantasy or make it up, it’s fine because it’s all connected to your subconscious.

This is your life and you matter!!!

Now choose the topic that gives you most fear & turn this statement around to its opposite. Example, my biggest fear is: Conflict. My purpose: To have meaningful conversations by being Harmonious.

You really need to feel your purpose statement, it needs to resonate with you. When you read it you need to believe it and feel excited about, it needs to feel like you will be naturally able to do it. Now you are ready to make it part of your new vision and growth to a better you.

Step 1: Implement this statement in your life.

Step 2: Every-time your feeling of fear comes up state your purpose out loud, think about your purpose statement or write it down.

Step 3: Do this until it becomes part of you.

Step 4: Focus on your next fear, I do suggest however that you focus on only (maximum) two at the time and work down your list step by step.

Good job, I am so proud of you!

How does this feel? You can let me know on my facebook page: or write a comment on this post. I hope to hear from you and look forward to connect.

Download your free "Biggest fear worksheet" by accessing below box.

Fabulous 💞


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