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As a certified life coach, a Leader in an upscale Resort and a single parent, I understand the challenges of Balancing your life

Many years ago I was able to completely change my life around, before this I was out of Balance in all areas of my life. I went from one bad relationship to another, was overworked and never had time to raise my kids. I was always tired, always moody and just passing through life day by day. My relationships did not work, my career felt anything but rewarding and my children were raised by day cares and I was always short of money. 

I had to uncover my unhealthy patterns and my fear of letting go of control in order to figure out what I was doing wrong. When I did this I was able to heal myself and turn things around very quickly 

Once I started to use the same tools I will be teaching you. I was able to go from self-doubt, not feeling good enough and feeling totally hopeless, to feeling completely relaxed, confident,  in love with myself and with life. I was surprised at how good life can feel when you have balance. 

I was able to transform my: love life, my Finances, my work life & my parenting. I went from always operating in my masculine energy towards embracing my feminine  self and using the Law of attraction to create the life I had always dreamed of. 

Whether you are feeling: hopeless, negative, out of love for yourself or out of Balance, I can help you quickly and permanently turn your life around. You will be amazed at how good it feels to live in balance and how much fun creating your own reality is. You will be surprised at how easy everything will unfold for you.  

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